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Technical Information

you will always receive the best possible service.

Technical Information

With many years of experience in the concrete trade, you can rest assure that your concrete requirements are handled with the utmost level of professionalism at Dynamix Concrete. Our team of experts are highly skilled when it comes to barrow mix concrete, ready mix concrete, and other associated services, meaning you will always receive the best possible service.
We are fully equipped with top quality equipment and machines, meaning that all of our customers across Chester, Wrexham, Wirral and surrounding areas are provided with a service they can rely on. Get in touch to receive your quote or to find out more about any of our concrete services.
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Volumetric Mixer

Dynamix Concrete operates volumetric concrete mixers which carry raw materials separately. These are different to conventional drum mixers and have many advantages. We mix all of our concrete products on site, meaning you receive a fresh product in the quantity you require.

A volumetric concrete mixer has two main compartments (one carrying sand and the other carrying stone) there is another large unit to the rear which carries cement and a large vessel at the front for the water.

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The conveyor belt underneath catches the materials, allowing them to fall on to the belt and gather in the auger. The mixing auger is a rubber encased tube that vigorously mixes the raw materials from the feed end to the other where fresh concrete will emerge. This is all done by a few simple switches and levers, all operated by our team of concrete experts.

Advantages with this system include:

  • Fresh concrete
  • No waste
  • Efficient service
  • Multi drop
  • Variable mix designs on the same site
  • Can be discharged into a wheelbarrow or direct into the application


Concrete has a short period where it is workable before setting commences. This period can be a little as 2 hours up to 6 hours depending on weather conditions and mix designs.
The team at Dynamix Concrete are highly experienced when it comes to handling a range of concrete mixes, meaning that all of our customers are guaranteed to receive a service they can trust to be carried out to the best possible standard.

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To receive a quote for your concrete supply, get in touch with Dynamix Concrete today. We supply concrete to Chester, Wirral, Wrexham, North Wales and surrounding areas, so whatever the scale of your project, our team of experts are here to help.
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