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We supply quality commercial & domestic concrete to customers throughout North Wales, Chester, Wrexham, Wirral and surrounding areas.

Barrowed Concrete

Making your work easier on awkward applications, ideal for extensions, conservatories and footings to the rear of properties with poor access.
Our standard distance for wheel barrowing is 30m over level ground. We can cover more distance and tricky applications at a request, please contact us.
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Straight Pour

Making your work easier by pouring the concrete direct into the application as long as the rear of our vehicle has the relevant space.
Where posssible we can straight pour the concrete directly into your footing/slab. This method is ideal for sites that have plenty of space for the vehichle to be situated next to the area that concrete is required.

If you would like to arrange this service please contact us for more information.
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Technical Information

Volumetric Mixer:

Dynamix Concrete operates volumetric concrete mixers which carry raw materials separately. These are different to conventional drum mixers and lend too many advantages.

A volumetric concrete mixer has two main compartments (one carrying sand and the other carrying stone) there is another large unit to the rear which carries cement and a large vessel at the front for the water.

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There is a conveyor belt underneath all of these with gates and tubes to allow the materials to fall on to the belt and gather in the auger. The mixing auger is a rubber encased tube that vigorously mixes the raw materials from the feed end to the other where fresh concrete will emerge. This is all done by a few simple switches and levers.

Advantages with this system include:

Fresh concrete, no waste, improved workability time, variable mix designs on the same site, multi drop, can be discharged into a wheelbarrow or direct into the application.


Concrete has a short period where it is workable before setting commences. This period can be a little as 2 hours up to 6 hours depending on weather conditions and mix designs.

Optional Extras

Add mixtures:

Add mixtures are formulated from various chemicals—generally in a liquid form—but can be powders—and are added to concrete to improve the physical properties in the wet/plastic & hardened state.

Some advantages of using an admixture include:

Mix Designs:

Our main admixture is super plasticiser, which is an accelerator & water reducer. The other main admixture is air entrainer which gains the optimum air bubble size, which is very affective at reducing any problems from frost or ice in colder weather. We also supply fibre concrete which helps prevent small surface break-up!

Specific mix designs and strengths available include: